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Automap & tap tempo

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I have the Remote SL (not the MKII). Anyone able to get their Novation device running Automap 4.7 to output the tap tempo into Logic? I can do it with 3.4.1, but not beyond. I was fine with that version, but LPX only barely works with it. L9 64bit does not recognize the tempo either, only L9 32 bit.


I don't like Logic's tempo interpreter at all, although the new one when you start a template works. I'd like to be able to do it from the controller, after I've started a project, and not using Logic's tempo interpreter if possible. Any tips?

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I'm talking about tap tempo from the Novation through Automap. Not related to Logic's tempo interpreter, which works the same as always. Make sure the pref. setting didn't get switched back to internal rather than manual. You can put a 'sync' button in the control bar to make this easier.
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Well, I made something that works. If anyone has anything slicker feel free to show me that I walked around the block to get nextdoor.

If the description seems a bit pedantic at times, it is just to cover bases for someone who's never used a tempo fader, etc. Anyway, here goes:


In click & ports, Port 2 is where the tempo info of the Novation comes through. Channel 16, controller 94 & 95. The way it works is CC95 is the bpm value and CC94 is the rollover (ie: CC94=0 is bpm up to 127, CC94=1 is bpm 128 through 255, and so on). bpms 20-127 can be taken at face value for CC95, while a bpm of 135 would show up as CC94=1 CC95=7. Hook up a monitor and watch the #'s and it will make better sense.


First off create a tempo fader and set its input to "Control" on Channel "16" and the data byte 1 to "95=Phaser" (field right below Channel labeled "-1-"). The "=Phaser" is not relevant in this usage, but is just a default label for CC95.


The tempo fader has a range of 0-127, but the tempos it affects are in the more usable range of 50-177, therefore you can't simply take the value that you see from the Novation and expect it to match the tempo you get out of the tempo fader. Plug from the monitor you created from Port 2 into the tempo fader and notice that the numbers that show in the monitor CC95 value are 50 less than the resulting project bpm.


It's easy enough to stick a transformer in there looking at CC95 and then subtracting 50. The problem with this is that you only get values up to 127 bpm, because when the Novation is at 128 the message is CC94=1, CC95=0... so the tempo fader, looking at CC95 thinks it is only starting at the bottom of the scale. In fact, you need to go another 50bpm on the Novation to get the project tempo to start rolling up above 50. This is where I pulled my hair out.


I tried to think of a way to look at if CC94 was 0 or 1 and split that and add a certain amount, etc. Nothing really worked. Finally I came up with this solution, of course this only works for the range of the tempo fader (50bpm - 177bpm) so if you are writing music out of that range and need to tap your tempo you'll just have to look at the tempo of the novation and manually set the project tempo to match.


Overview: The line coming in comes from Port 2. The tempo was at 125 and using the Novation's tempo rotary I cycled it up to 129 so you could see the rollover deal


Split rollover Transformer: splits data into two feeds, one for values below the rollover, and one for those above.


128-177: Cabled to top out of Split Rollover transformer

51-127: Cabled to bottom out of Split Rollover transformer





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