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Output fader not affecting db levels [SOLVED]


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I'm running Logic Pro 9.1.8 on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.7.5.


My problem: I'm trying to get some mixes ready to send to mastering. My mastering guy suggests having the mix peak at -6 db. This song currently is peaking at 1.3 db. I have tried bringing down the Output fader to lower the volume, but it has no effect on the levels in the Multimeter. I even tried bringing down the Master fader. No luck. Multimeter is the only insert on the Output channel. Pre-fader monitoring is not enabled. "Apply Pan Law Compensation to Stereo Balancers" has no effect on the levels in the Multimeter. I've read several other threads about folks with similar problems, but I seem to have tried everything that fixed their problems to no avail.


Is there anyway to bring down the entire volume of the project without going back through and changing every automation point I've already done on every track?


I've attached screen shots of the Output fader at 0.0 db and then at -20 db with the same levels on the Multimeter.


Thanks for your help!


Output fader at 0.0 db


Output fader at -20 db

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You won't notice changes in levels on the multimeter because the levels monitored by the multimeter are pre-output-fader. Logic doesn't support post-fader inserts directly. You could route everything to an aux channel and change levels there, then have the multimeter on the stereo out, but I suggest using another metering plugin like FreeG. Change the level there if you want to see level changes in real-time. You can also just place a gain plug-in before the multimeter on the stereo output and adjust level there.
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That little box above your stereo output meter will tell you if you are over or under the 0dB level and by how much. The problem is that you need to constantly reset it. As you may have noticed, the level was different after you lowered the output fader.


There are other ways you can be sure your final level will peak at -6dB ...

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