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Drum Kit Designer... splash cymbals and floor tom


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Hey guys,


As a Superior Drummer (and sometimes BFD2) user, I wasn't expecting to feel the need to use the new drumkits that are supplied with Logic Pro X's Drum Kit Designer.


However, some of the kits are really beautifully produced and would work for certain projects more effectively than SD and BFD. I was surprised (and pleased!) to see also that a V-drums map is available for Drum Kit Designer, which results in graded hi-hat responses etc.


So given the quality of these kits, I'm now disappointed that there are only two toms per kit, and that there is no splash cymbal (only two crashes and the ride edge).


I wonder if the sampling sessions for Drum Kit Designer captured these missing kit-pieces, for a future Logic Pro release?




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Can you choke any cymbals or is there a fix in the works??? I use Superior Drummer live with my band and this would be a great addition or substitute. I don't know if I want to get into using multiple drum programs just to get a choke. Any workaround???
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