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How to delete instruments/sounds out of Logic X library


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Hi, new to Logic and absolutely love it! I came from working with Ableton for years so it's a bit of a transition - but a very exciting one to say the least =).


Anyway, my question is regarding how to delete certain sounds and instruments that come in the default library of Logic 10.


I know I could have just not installed certain parts of the 35GB in sounds and instruments and know I can install certain packs/instruments as well. I specifically am looking to delete a certain loop or instrument preset if I test it and it sounds like something I'd never use. I've tried hitting deleting, right clicking, etc but can't figure it out?


Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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You have to do that from the Finder, you can't do that from within Logic (only Channel Strip settings can be deleted from within Logic). And you cannot delete any of the Software Instruments or effects - they're built in to Logic - you can only delete Ultrabeat kits and EXS sampler instrument files and the associated samples (which form a large chunk of the additional content btw).

However, I myself believe that I really don't know what I might use or need in my next song, so I'm not deleting anything. For these few GB's of disk space, it's not really worth the hassle...


The EXS24 instrument files are here: Library>Application Support>Logic>Sampler Instruments

those files do not contain any samples, they are "spreadsheets" of which samples are used and how they're mapped inside the EXS24. The samples themselves are in

Library>Application Support>Logic>EXS Factory Samples


WARNING: Some instruments share samples. So when you decide to throw away a certain instrument and its' associated samples, it may be so that a different instrument, that you may well want to keep, also uses (some of) the discarded samples. These instruments will be crippled/useless when those samples are missing. Same goes for Ultrabeat.

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What ever you do...


DO NOT DELETE the channel strip setting "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".


There must be something magical about it.

(I've never used it...I'm afraid to)


It's got to be THE MOST accidentally deleted channel strip setting ever.


I don't know how many posts I've seen begging for it back.


I think it goes something like this:

The mix is coming along and starting to sound good.

You're working on the lead vocal, flipping through some presets and you stumble (unknowingly) upon the channel strip setting "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".


All of the sudden, the heavens open, super novas explode and angels, fairies, unicorns & sh!t start flying all around and the mix goes STELLAR - I'm talking multi-platinum SUPER STELLAR!


You ride the bliss for hours......and then......



In a moment of weakness, you begin to doubt the mystical properties of "Male Creamy Lead Vocal". You try a few more settings, thinking "I can always come back to 'Male Creamy Lead Vocal' if it doesn't work out." You get it sounding good with whatever you've got and then with full knowledge and intent, you DELETE "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".


Seems innocent enough... I mean...it's just a channel strip setting right?



The mix goes sour and falls completely apart...unrepairable...as in NOT multi-platinum SUPER STELLAR.

You wreck your car...Totaled!

Your wife leaves you.

You get fired from your job.

Your puppy dies. (sorry - but it happens)

You get all kinds of rare parasites that wreak total havoc on your body



Then, totally destitute and barely alive, you remember how wonderful everything was with "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".


There's just one problem.


It's gone.


You deleted it!



Then, you crawl over to Logic Pro Help Forum begging for "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".



So please, for the love of your own sanity and everything that is good and right in the Universe






DO NOT DELETE "Male Creamy Lead Vocal".

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