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How to create a BUS channel to route multiple channels to?


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Hello, while I've been reading everything I can as far as learning Logic 10, I can't seem to figure out this rather basic one that I'm sure many of you could tell me off the top of your head.


I'd like to know how to create an empty channel and route multiple channels (with audio instruments/audio) to that particular channel.


To further clarify what I'm asking - my goal is to put an effect (i.e. AU plugin say Fabfilter Pro-Q) and send multiple tracks to that channel to have them all processed by the EQ plugin on that channel as opposed to putting said EQ plugin on each track in an effort to conserve CPU and simplify workflow.


**If anyone uses Ableton, I'm basically trying to figure out Logic's equivalent of Sends/Returns.


Sorry to spell this out like a 3rd grade teacher. I come from using a previous DAW where the workflow is very different compared to Logic Pro's so it's a bit foreign to me starting out.


Any and all help is VERY much appreciated!!

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One way of doing this is to:


1. Open the mixer by pressing either X, cmd-2 or the mixer button in the control bar.

2. Highlight the tracks you wish to route to a bus - if they're next to each other you can click/drag across them, if they're not, highlight the first one you wish to route then press cmd before clicking on the other tracks.

3. Where it says 'Output', approximately half way down the channel strip, click and hold. A small menu will appear. One of the headings is 'Bus'. When you hover the mouse pointer over the word 'Bus' a big list of buses will appear. Pick the one you want to route the tracks to and if that bus doesn't yet exist in the mixer, it will be created automatically.

4. Insert your Pro-Q on the bus and voila.


There are other ways to do this, including defining the routings from the Inspector visible down the left hand side of the main window or using the new 'track stacks' feature to create a 'Summing Stack', details of which can be found in the Logic X manual (search for 'submix').



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Ahh awesome! THANK YOU Stan for taking the time to help me with that, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!


Also, you mentioned a Logic X manual. Maybe I've been looking in all the wrong places but I can't find one anywhere.. only for L9 and below. Did it come with the install and I missed it? Lol, this thing of DLing everything directly from the app store now has me missing things left and right I guess, lol.


Thanks again Stan!!

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