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Logic Pro 10's Drum Machine.. what's a good starting point?


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Hey all, I just started using Logic Pro 10 and am really liking it. So much that I'm working on switching entirely over from using Ableton Live. With that said, things are much different between these two DAW's and many things are looking kind of.. foreign.


This question pertains to Logic's Drum Machine. It's a bit intimidating upon first look and very much different than what I'm used to.


For example, in Ableton you can just throw a drum rack on a MIDI channel, drag/drop kick, snare, perch, etc samples into the 4x4 grids.. then click out 4 beats per bar and you're all set.


With Logic 10... it may be just as easy? My problem I'm running into when trying to learn it is apparently it was changed in Logic 10 so there isn't much information on it (at least I'm finding) as of now.


Could anybody enlighten me as to where I can find some information on how to learn this? A tutorial, overview, anything. I can't find a Logic 10 manual so I don't know where to look.


Thanks so much in advance for any help!!!!!!! =)

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Use the "Drag & Drop Samples" setting that's under "Drum Kits" in Ultrabeat's Settings menu.


Then select a voice ("Sample 01", for example) in Ultrabeat's Assignment section (left-hand side of Ultrabeat's interface) and drop a sample on OSC2:




PS: Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)



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Hi Jordi, thank you so much for the quick reply. The explanation and visual have already made things night and day easier to understand on that front. Thank you again so much!!


Also, Logic/system info added into sig. I apologize for overlooking that!

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