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LX 10.0.1 MIDI FX Modulator Envelope Bugs [FIXED]


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#1: Single/Multi Triggering

Seems as though the function of Single and Multi triggers is reversed



#2: Current Controller Value Sets Floor for Envelope

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but... the last value received by manually moving the controller you choose ends up determining the "floor" value from which the envelope rises, and where it falls back to. Case in point:


• Envelope set for Mod Wheel output (To: 1 Mod Wheel)

• Move the modwheel on your controller up from zero. The envelope display reflects that level, here shown at a value of about 90:


Modwheel value manually moved back to zero:


• In this example, the modwheel was manually moved to a position of about 65. This is the last value received by the Modulator, and thus, the envelope shape starts and ends at 65. Not sure this is desirable behavior or not..


• Manually moving the modwheel back to zero (so that the last value received by the modulator is zero) results in an envelope rises and falls to/from zero -- as expected.


What do you think? Should the modulator keep track of the last-received control value, or should it always rise and fall from zero, regardless? Bug or feature? ;)

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