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Faulty Midi Chase function ?


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My Midi Catch function only seems to work for the length of a midi region and not the length of the whole track when using control and sysex data, and I have to glue all of the midi regions together to get it working properly, and even then it often misses Mod Wheel and Pedal data.

Also I just discovered that checking and unchecking the control data box in the chase window temporarily fixes it.


Any ideas how to fix this ?





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Do you mean the Catch mode? Or do you mean MIDI Chase? I believe you mean MIDI Chase... I know ski has reported issues with MIDI Chasing in Logic under certain conditions.


I wonder if merging all the regions on one track into one big MIDI region would solve this issue? Not that you necessarily would want to do that, but maybe give it a try, at least as a test?

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