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Exporting "All tracks as audio" Logic X


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Hi all,

I'm running Logic Pro X v10.0.1 on OS X 10.8.4

I'm having some issues with exporting all tracks as audio files.

Track Stacks are skipped - no audio exported.

I tried adding all AUX channels to the arrangement and putting a blank region on each of them - but I just get an error -43 when I try to export all tracks.


I then tried "Flattening" all the track stacks and exporting audio - this sort of worked, but all my drum tracks were rendered out of time.

ie, I had several snare layers and ended up with horrible flam effects after importing all my tracks into a new fresh project.

Also, some of the drum tracks were rendered as stems rather than individual tracks.

I was using two of Logic X's "Drum Machine" patches and had split the midi data for kick, snare, hats ... etc - across different tracks within the same instrument - I'm assuming that because they all sum to one bus that the entire output is rendered as a stem . . but I also got separate (out of time) snare tracks . .

Very confusing

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



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ok so it turns out that the default Drum Machine patches have shitty routing.

When you export all tracks you get a STEM from the main Ultrabeat instrument as well as individual drum tracks *except* the kick - which is on the main output.

The flam and out of time thing I as having was because the kick track was actually a full stem :x

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