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Best way to Extract Split audio from Quicktimes in LPX?


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How does everyone deal with this scenario --


You receive a Quicktime that has Split audio: Dialog on the Left channel, Temp Score on the Right Channel.

What is the best way of creating two, mono WAV files with timecode that matches the Quicktime?


I feel like I've experimented, and this is the beth method that I can come up with.


1) Open Movie / Import Audio

2) SMPTE Unlock the Imported Audio

3) Set Movie File Start and SMPTE Start (Mesaure 1) to the First Frame of Quicktime

4) Set Framerate to Quicktime

5) Convert Audio File to WAV, "Interleaved to Split" (Make sure the Audio File is set to measure 1)

6) Open the Project Audio Folder, reveal audio files in Finder, rename them as necessary (.L becomes "dialog", .R becomes Temp)

7) Import the .R (Temp) file back into the logic session (because the timecode is only written to the Left channel of an interleaved stereo file), and convert this single mono file again, set to measure 1, so that it becomes timestamped.

8) Delete all old audio files.

9) Now you finally have 2, Mono Timestamped WAV Files :)


Of course you only have to do this once for any Quicktime you get (unless you are requesting splits from your video editor...that could solve everything), but it sure seems like there COULD be a better way. Maybe I'm missing something.


Anyone else have their methods of doing this?


Thanks! 8)

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