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Logic X: Latency & Delay Compensation

Marcus Aurelius

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Hello, all -


Any issues with plug-in delay compensation and latency in Logic X? Hopefully all is good with the Auxes.


The Logic 9 manual has a section entitled "Knowing the Limitations of Plug-in Delay Compensation", detailing various problem scenarios such as recording. However, the Logic X manual includes no such warnings and issues. Does that mean these issues have been resolved?


Any info welcome. I'll do some null tests etc eventually to test timing, but perhaps others have already tested delay compensation in LX, and I would appreciate any information.


Best regards.

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What do you mean by:
Hopefully all is good with the Auxes



I was referring to the old issue of latency-inducing plug-ins on Auxes, which would not be properly delay compensated. I believe this was already addressed in earlier versions of Logic, but just wanted to make sure the problem is truly resolved.


Beyond that, I was wondering if the issue of recordings being "late" per the Logic 9 manual was resolved in X.


From the L9 manual (p. 1199) :

"This may lead to problems if you decide to make further recordings after setting plug-in delay compensation to All, and inserting latency-inducing plug-ins in auxes and outputs. If Logic Pro needs to delay streams to compensate for plug-in latencies, you will be listening to delayed audio streams while recording. As such, your recording will be late by the number of samples that the audio streams were delayed by."


This passage no longer exists in the Logic X manual, so I was wondering whether this is no longer a problem, that is: Does LX properly place such recordings now?


Thank you for any clarifications from those wiser than myself.


Best regards,

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I don't expect miracles. I've reading the new info (manuals and stuff that's available) and there's not a single mention about this, so I expect no changes. same ridiculous behaviour. :(


I hope there is some improvement....Does anyone have the official word? Has anyone done testing of delay compensation in LX?


Thank you again....

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While I haven't done any "null testing" or anything - and don't plan to - I'm fairly certain that you've mistaken what the LP9 manual was referring to as a "latency bug".


It's not.


What it is saying is this:

- If you are recording, and there is a latency inducing plug-in inserted onto an Auxiliary or Output track, then you will experience that latency and end up recording to the latent result - but Logic corrects your 'latent' recording when you stop recording. Or, in best practice, you should simply bypass the latency inducing plugins by recording in "Low Latency Mode".


And, by the way, that isn't something that is only inherent in Logic. It happens in every DAW.

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Hello -

Thank you for the reply. I think there are at least a couple issues I've (perhaps confusingly) brought up here. One was the old issue of latency not being compensated on Auxes (which I believe was already resolved in L8 or L9, but just wanted to make sure that's the case).


Another - which I think is what you are bringing up here - is the latency in monitoring when monitoring live sound through Logic. (I don't work that way anyway; always monitor on input to the console or audio interface, so that one was never such an issue).


The last (which is perhaps a version of what I just mentioned) is what the Logic 9 manual describe about the placement of audio recordings being offset. Not sure where that stands or if that is also a non-issue as long as one monitors the input directly (i.e. does not use Logic's software "through" monitoring).


Best regards...

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would be nice if somebody can test the following in LX:


a: record a click (audio) and a MIDI click (External MIDI module, not a soft synth)

b: check if they're consistent. Should be more or less ok, it's MIDI.

c: insert a heavy latency inducer plugin in an aux. and set latency compensation to ALL.

d: record the MIDI click and see if it still matches the audio one.


Previous behaviour was they did not match. I assume at least some of you realize what all this implies in terms of workflow. To me is serious and I find the current options ("Audio & Soft inst tracks" and "All") a complete mess, being working with the first one only the only solid possibility here. If I change to ALL chances are that I forget about it and all the audio in the next session would be out of sync.

Oh!, it also happened to Video.

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I know I'm a little late to the party but I have the same problem and I could only solve it by changing 'process buffer range' to 'minimum' in audio preferences. I found this made a dramatic difference, and channels are much closer if not locked in time. Good luck everyone :)
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