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Audio recordings getting slightly sped-up [Logic 9 & X]


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So this is a problem that I've been dealing with for over a year now, originally on Logic 9.1.4 and now on Logic X (but oddly, not Garageband) - when recording audio tracks in Logic, the waveform appears normal during recording, but upon hitting the spacebar (and thus ending the recording), the waveform visibly shifts forward, and the recording is slightly sped-up and therefore off-beat and unusable.


It's worth noting this didn't always happen - this only started happening approximately a year ago, and only occasionally at first, though now this glitch occurs every single time I use Logic.


I'm using a Marshall MXL V67 microphone with a Blue Icicle preamp/XLR-to-USB converter [shoestring budget!], with the USB cord plugged into the USB port of my Macbook.


The Macbook's got 16GB RAM, hundreds of gigs of free storage, and a 2 GHZ processor, so none of that should be an issue.


I've always recorded new tracks the same way - create an empty new track, setting the input to Input 1, and then recording, adding all my plugins and automation later, so I can't imagine that causing the issue, and this whole delay-glitch suddenly cropped up - I hadn't changed anything in my process when it began happening, so I can't imagine this is a hardware problem with the Blue Icicle, either.


The problem also occurred at a recording studio using a Blue microphone and a Scarlett USB interface, so it doesn't seem specific to the hardware I'm using.


Here is an example of this whole problem: https://soundcloud.com/jpomusic/logic-pro-test/s-OsgX0


I've spent a year trying to figure this problem out, having to resort to recording through Garageband, of all applications, and then opening the Garageband files in Logic to edit, because I can't seem to find other evidence of this happening to other people online.


Can someone please help me? I invested in Logic Pro X to see if it would alleviate the issue, and it didn't, and now the only alternative seems to be Pro Tools, but I'd hate to have to learn to use another DAW because of a meager glitch.


Thank you so much in advance!!!

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