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MainStage 3 looper


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Has anyone tried the looback plugin in MS3? The loopback plugin in MS2 was widely reported to be cumbersome and confusing compared to hardware loopers or dedicated software loopers. I've spent many hours with it and never 100% figured out how to get two or three loopbacks to work well with each other. Even a single instance is intermittently flakey.


Has anyone tried the looper in MS3? Have they changed anything or is it basically the same plugin?



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Seems to be working pretty well so far. Some things I have noticed...


Pressing Record functions and Record and Play

Pressing Record for the 2nd time does not close the loop correctly, there's a lag (this is with all sync, and snapping off)

BUT Pressing Play does close the loop correctly and continues playing.

Reverse is instant and solid.


To sum it up here's my workflow


Press Record to start

Press Play to stop recording and close the loop correctly

Press Record again to overdub etc


Working with various hardware loopers throughout the years they all seem to have a different workflow for starting and stoping a recording. Some use the Record button to start and stop recording initially, some function more like MainStage's Looper where as you have a Record button to start and Play to close the loop. I'm fine with that

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