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Logic Pro 9 Missing Content


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Okay, so I'm following David Nahmani's logic pro 9/express apple certified training manual book in order to gain a strong understanding of how to use logic. Currently I am in chapter 3, page 125 on step 5 where it asks me to go to logic 9 files> Media > Additional Media > and select TripHopLoop.aif.....my problem is i dont have that last file (triphoploop)!!! Up until now I've had everything all the content, but now I can't sem to find it. Whats more strange is when I look on the picture that they provide I can see options such as Tambourine, car commercial, drumloop, drums recording, piano, triphoploop. I only have two of them (Car Commercial and Piano)!!!!


i then go to download additional content under logic pro tab, but under the status column it says literally everything is installed :( can anybody tell me how to find this file? How did it go missing? And how do I get it so I can continue my lessons/tutorial? Thanks a lot.

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