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Only One "Drummer" Track Allowed Per Project (LPX)


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I am currently working on a project in LPX. I am of course using the Drummer feature for one of the tracks. As I get deeper into the project I thought it might be cool to make another Drummer track with a different drummer to see how I like the difference. However; when I go to open another track the track type selection box has the Drummer selection subdued so you can't select it thus allowing you only one Drummer track per project. Is this correct? If I take my existing Drummer track and drag it into another track thus converting it to MIDI and use my Addictive Drums plugin will that "free up" room for another Drummer track? Finally, does this have something to do with "takes" or "comps"? I have never really messed around with takes and comps before. Never really had a need to. I'm not very familiar with that subject or how it could be used to my advantage while doing a project
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