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LPX keyboard shortcut for cycling through browser sub-menus?


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Is there a shortcut for cycling through browser sub menus (e.g., Media area, list editors, note pads)


I often use the "Show Media Area" shortcut (F) to bring up the media window and focus on it. I would like to then use another shortcut to cycle through the sub menus (Project, Media, and All Files).


Looked through the keyboard commands but didn't see anything. Anything like this exist?

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Two out three you can use that way:


All Files: F


Project: B


There's no shortcut to access the Media tab, it has to be mouseclicked. If it is lit while dismissing the Media area, it will be active when invoking the area again.

So, in short: with F and B you can switch between the two tabs All Files and Project, but with Show/Hide media area you only toggle the whole thing (remembering the last active tab).

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Thanks Simon!


I guess that's as close as I'm going to get.


It's my personal goal to become a hotkey ninja, and this info definitely helps. A shame that they don't have an assignable key command for each of the sub menus, nor an assignable key command to cycle through (which, for strange personal reasons I prefer more than a direct key command for each).

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