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Time & Pitch Machine is missing [SOLVED]


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Hi All!


First of all, I just bought LPX and I'm totally new in logic as I was producing with an other DAW in the past.

I'm trying to get in to the Software but I have a basic problem that interferes me right now in my learning process:


When I'm loading an Audio-File into Logic and double click it to get into the Editor I would like to use the "Time & Pitch Machine" to Timestretch the File. Unfortunately it seems like the Time & Pitch Machine is totally missing!?!?

In the Audio Editor I only have two Tabs - Edit & View. According to my colleague who's also using LPX there should be another Tab like "File" or "Functions" or something similar, where the Time & Pitch Machine is located, which is not appearing in my Logic.

My colleague said I have to press the shortcut "CMD + 6" to activate this window with the additional functions where the Time & Pitch Machine should be but there is no command defined in my logic for "CMD + 6"!? I have "CMD + 5" for the score editor and "CMD + 7" for event list but no "CMD + 6"!?!


Attached please find a screenshot i took.


Does anyone know how to fix the problem?


Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for your quick reply!


On your screenshot I can see a bar with 2 Tabs. "Track" and "File". According to your explanation I have to click on File to get to the "Audio File Editor". But the problem is, exactly this bar where I can choose between Track and File is missing. Please take a look at my screenshot.


Do you have an idea why?



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