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Kind of pitch correction but for midi notes...


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Say I recorded a MIDI bass track in the key of C and did a couple, ok let's say, a lot of mistakes.


Feeling too lazy to open the midi editor and fix all and every mistakes, I'm wondering if there would be a way to tell logic to auto-correct the midi region so that each "wrong" note detected is automaticaly shifted to the nearest "good" note in the key? A kind of pitch correction applied to a midi region in other words.


Is this possible within Logic Pro?


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks CCT. That's great!


Seems this is a LPX only feature. I'm still on 9 on my old iMac.

Do I dream or I think I've saw a similar feature in GarageBand 11 or maybe GB for iPad???


Anyway, many things look like GB in the new LPX, at least on a visual aspect!


Thanks again for your help!

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