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Can I keep certain plugins from not loading?


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Logic 9 still - I have these large complex arrangements with lots of QLe.g. inst. etc. and I want to be able to load the songs faster in some session situations and leave the larger plugs with libraries etc. unloaded. Is it possible?


Naturally I want to end up with my audio recording (vocals) and all the plugs available in one 'MASTER' session - idea;ly without having to create multiple sesions then import-export.



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This is one of my most-requested features. With the advent of the "Power Button" (or "On/Off" Button") in Logic X, I had hoped this dream would become a reality. Whereas that button does conserve CPU from unused plug-ins, it does nothing about memory usage.


I started a thread on this here:




Please request this as a feature addition directly from Apple:


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