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MIDI FX in external MIDI? [SOLVED]


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hi there..

i want to use arpegiator in my modular synth..

is there a way of using MID FX in an External Midi channel ????





Of course! Use the external instrument plugin and then the modulator on that strip.



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I feel really dumb for having to ask this question, but I'm encountering the same problem, and am afraid I'm too much of a novice user to understand the solution.


I currently have a MIDI track for my synth (GM Device 1), an audio track to record the synth output (Audio 1) and have set up a software instrument track with a midi arpeggiator.


You had mentioned that one needed to use a "software instrument track with the External Instrument plugged into it's input," and you may mean something entirely different than my interpretation, but: In the MIDI Environment window, I then drew a cable from the GM Device 1 track to the software instrument with arpeggiator. Is this the correct thing to do? Thus far I'm still unable to hear the effects of the arpeggiator on the synth.


Clearly this is because I'm too daft to comprehend what I'm doing, but I'm wondering if you would mind explaining the process once more for in terms meant for an imbecile!


Thanks SO much!!



(this is Logic X, and a big knobby modular synth btw)

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