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I would try running a vocoder with a simple synth patch for the carrier and then the wah after that. Experiment with a simple vocal input to the vocoder (quality is not gonna be important) and then mess with the wah.


OTOH, probably the stuff on Peanuts was done just with a skilled vocalist. I'm not particularly skilled, but I can recreate that sound with my voice. If you could start with that and then load the vocals into EXS 24 you may be able to keep that effect while being able to bend or f**k with the sample in other ways.


Now I need to go explain to my girlfriend why I'm sitting in front of her laptop talking like the teacher from Peanuts.


She already thinks I'm crazy...


Best, Marcel

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Try to find a nasally sound (oboe?) and just move the pitchbend on your keyboard a lot to sound like vowels. I've done this a couple time on my Virus and it sounded similar.


Welcome Tarekith!


(JamtheChannel off NSB) :D

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