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Logic Express Plug In's


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Is there a listing online of all the available plug in's for Logic Express?


Also does Logic Express come with a decent Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ?


I guess it doesn't really matter if I use Reason 3.0 through Rewire for all of those sounds anyway right?


I just want to make sure I can have all the same cool plug in's as Protools.



Thanks to all!



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The original EVP88 and EVB3 are definitely NOT available in Express. However, you can use the Garageband instruments 'electric piano' and 'tonewheel organ' which seem to be restricted versions of EVP88 and EVB3. Not as flexible but the available presets are quite good IMO.
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In Logic Express there's also some similar sounds you might want to check out.


Open up the EXSP24 and look in the sample library under "Electronic Piano".


There's a couple decent ones in there like the "suitcase electric piano" etc.


-The nice thing about this compared to the garageband instrument mentioned earlier is that you have a lot more control over the sound because it's going through the EXSP24.

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