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Another 25 security hole patch again out Tonight:

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Thought I would give everyone a heads up Apple issued another large Security update 2007-004. It patches another 25 security holes, the same number as 10.4.9


After all the problems I / we had with the previous roll out I thought it best to alert a few places I share information amongst my mac acquaintances. I'm not planning to upgrade, maybe we can collectivity keep an eye and ear out.


More information here:








Best of luck to you all friends!

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I have and Logic crashes every time I do a 'Save' or 'Save As...'. So I can't actually use it at all now. :( Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can try? The computer is working totally fine other than that (Ableton, Reason, etc).



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The last time they did this last month (2007-003) Digi Design, M-audio and I believe NI said a possible work around was to download the patch separate (not using the update installer) and install it manually. I'm not sure if that is the same with 2007-004. I do know that Degi Design still hasn't certified 2007-003 as of yet to run with Pro tools 7x.


This work around did fix my Key Station 88 pro controller that failed after the 2007-003 update. I never had an issue with pro tools or Logic from that particular patch but a few Plug-ins and VI's went koo koo.

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it makes me wonder if these issues are related to the Intel chip. Meaning, like an idiot I upgraded to 10.4.9 without even thinking about the consequences.


A few days later i'm reading all about the issues that people seem to be having, including the faliure to validate certain 3rd party plugins - some of which I had!!!


Then I finally managed to bring myself around to see what damage i may have just inflicted....

NOTHING!! At least not that I can tell.


Logic works perfectly fine.


Then I noticed, I am still using a PPC Mac, and all the complaints SEEM to be from Intel Macs. That I am aware of. Maybe hackers are trying to exploit that Intel avenue which never previouly existed on the Mac


Having theorise about all that, I'm still nervous as in whether or not to do the latest security patch or not.


Any thoughts guys??


Any PPC Mac users that HAVE experienced issues with the upgrades??


Maybe it's all to with living in the land downunder Where toilets flush backwards and the internet transfer rates are like 14 KB/s!?!?!?... LOL

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I have often thought the same thing you have, that the Intel chip is not as secure for the mactel as much as the PPC chip is. I do know the instruction set the Intel uses are far scaled down from the PPC. i.e. There are somewhere in the area of 12 instructions an intel chip uses compared to the 50 or so a PPC uses (this is from memory and a ball park figure) That could be a factor.


However on the flip side the world is full of BSD servers that are rock solid and un-compromised year after year. After digging I see a great number of these security updates (most) have to do with airport and Safari. Since I have updated to 10.4.9 pro tools and several of my plug-ins are unusable for the most part. Most of my peers are running 10.4.8 still but thats also not a good idea. Once The security patches are out there the exploits are known.


I would hate to roll back to 10.4.8 but I am seriously considering it. I have my studio machine on the web and will have to take it off line, something that I really don't want to do. I am really disappointed in apple, with a little time and elbow grease the (2007-003) roll out could have have been flawless. Who knows what (2007-004) is going to do, ahinds logic pro is crashing :cry: In the scheme of things iphone is the priority and well Logic.... Logic has never been a priority. Everyone here knows that to be true. All we can do is wait lol, it seems to be the standard for anyone using DAW on a mac.


I wonder if all the Video people are having issues as well? It seems most the main stream users have not been affected.

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