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Multi Instrument Aux Channel doesn't work


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In these days,,

I'm trying to understand how the multi-instrument thing goes


I downloaded Multi-Environment.lso file, and got some experience

but couldn't figure out how to use the Aux tracks


(1) I loaded 3 different sound samples in Kontakt 2

(2) I loaded some DSP Plug-ins and did some automation things on Aux track

but that doesn't seem to affect the multi instrument midi track


I just made a simple test to control individual Multi Instrument tracks

by inserting different DSP-Plug ins and drawing some automation lines


Is there something I missed ? or did I do something wrong??




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I finally solved the problem....


My Kontakt output setting was wrong...

After I added some outputs in Kontakt and assigned them to the right channel,,,,

It started to work well~!!


It was a long and lonely day... ^^;;;;


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