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Vocal recording with apogee


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I did some vocal recording tonight for the first time with my ensemble. It vocal input seems very week. Any one have some knowledge on a fundamental recording setup for the ensemble. Plus whenever I turn on the apogee. It turns on with my main and two headphone outs turned on full and my main is set to line out( that blair on the lowest volume setting). So, I switch it to stereo and it is lower I have to turn it up half way to get a decent amount of sound. Does this happen to any one? Should I do a re-instal on the newest firmware?




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Did you install Maestro? You need to have Maestro to control the output of headphones or monitors.


Also did you use phantom power on your mic if it needed it?


More info on your hardware please and what your signal chain looks like.


This is a simple case of RTFM I think :)


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