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Conversation with Apple on Logic and 8 core

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I’m ready to get an 8 core Mac Pro and was a little concern of Logic’s performance on them so I decided to call Logic tech support at Apple.


My question to him was “will Logic Pro work on the 8-core Mac Pro?”


He said “yes”


Then I asked: “will Logic Pro recognize all 8 cores?


He hesitantly said, “It should recognize all 8-cores”


I said, “Are you sure? I heard rumors that Logic runs better on the quad cores than the 8 cores.”


He put me on hold for a few then told me “You will not gain or lose using Logic with the 8 cores Mac Pro as oppose to the Quad Mac Pro.

F**K!! oops!! excuse me!!

So it does not matter if I get a Quad or an 8 core

Well, the 8 core will be a more advance machine.

If Logic’s performance is the same on the 8 core and the quad, then the 8 core is not much of an advance machine to me since I primarily use logic.

Well you’ll have more advantages for future use of this advance machine

Wait a minute! Are you saying that Logic will recognize all 8 cores in the future?

Yes it should with future updates

Is it fair to say that Logic recognize only four cores on the 8 core Mac Pro?

Please hold on for a second. (pause) (silence)

Logic recognizes 2 dual core processors.

Huh! What do you mean? Only the Quad core or will it work on the 8 core?

It works fine on the 8 core with no gain or loses.

So the next version of Logic should recognize all 8 cores.

It should.

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