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Env. ?: Alias vs Copy, and renaming


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Two questions...


1) What are the pros and cons of using an Alias in the Environment vs creating an Object and assigning it to the same Instrument?


As an example: I have my Audio Layer, and add an Audio Object, assign it the Instrument -> Instrument 1. I then name the Object "Drums." I want this in my Audio layer, as it is an Audio Object. But, I would also like to have it in another layer: Drums. The Drums layer is so I can create A Mapped Instrument, and then cable it to that "Drums" Audio Object I created in the Audio Layer. Being a proud sufferer of OCD, I would like to SEE that stupid cable connection from Mapped to the Instrument 1 named "Drums" in the Drums layer... But, I also want to see the "Drums" Audio Object in the Audio layer. Two choices: create an Alias of the Audio Object named "Drums," and place it in the "Drums" layer; or, create another Audio Object in the Drums layer, and then assign it to the same Instrument as I did in the Audio layer. (does that make sense to anyone? lol! :D ) Pros and cons of each method? As to why I do not just do the Alias thing...well, I do not care for the GUI of that Alias thing...lol...yeah, it makes me do that "Bleck!" expression. Wish it looked the same as the actual Object...maybe a slightly paler version or something even would be better IMO.


Also, if I import an Environment layer that uses an Alias in the manner I described above, will it "attach itself" to the appropriate Audio Object in the Audio layer? If the Audio Object is not present in the Audio Layer, will it create one? What if I use the "copy of the Object" method instead of the Alias when importing the layer? (I know I could do this part myself to discover the answer, but figured while i am asking the rest, might as well ask this...)


2) Second question is about renaming Instruments. (I hope I have the terminology correct...). If I open the Environment, create an Audio Object, and then name it, all is cool. But, let's say I assigned it to Audio-> Audio Instrument 1. In the center (top to bottom center), it displays "Inst 1." And if I go to assign another new Audio Object as an Audio Instrument, I can see "Instrument 1" in boldface in the selection menu, and thus assigned/used...but not for what. Can I change the listing/menu name of "Instrument 1" (and other selections) ? In the Arrange window, these names show as "Track Instrument Channels" (I am guessing you cannot change this, but was curious)


Sorry if these are odd questions. I tried a search, and did not find anything exactly like what I am curious about.


Thanks! :D

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