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10k rpm Raptor SATA drive (mobo onboard sata) sync problem..


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I've been using Logic 5.5 very happily on my PC for a number of years with no real problems, but recently bought a Western Digital Raptor 10,000 rpm SATA drive and it's annoyingly not working with Logic.


The first thing I did was to move all of my session files / audio files etc. over to the new drive, expecting a slight performance boost.


Instead, I get the much maligned "Error synchronising audio and midi - sample rate 40,339(or whatever) recognised."


I know the problem is down to the drive because I moved the files back to my IDE drive and they all work fine.


It's very annoying because the reason I went for the "fastest non-SCSI drive on the market" was to get more out of my audio software, but now it seems all I've got is a 140GB storage drive for mp3s etc... if that's what I'd wanted I wouldn't've bothered going for the super-swish Raptor drive, I'd've got a 500GB IDE IBM/Hitachi Deskstar or something for the same price.


Any ideas?

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