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sending midi out of logic


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hi all this maybe really simple but iam new to the world of midi so here goes

i want to send midi out of logic to a program called midistroke it allows you to change midi messages to key strokes so i cant sequence cue points in serato live (djing program ) now i ev downloaded another program called midipipe to help me rout but i dont know how to send midi from logic to midipipe can any one help do i need midipipe? any insight would be rad :D

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It's in fact simple but somewhat tricky.


You don't need MidiPipe for this. Just use the IAC bus built into OS X. Open the utility 'Audio MIDI Setup', double-click the IAC driver icon and check the box 'Device is online'. Now the IAC bus will be available as MIDI output of Logic and MIDI input of midiStroke.


HOWEVER, here comes the tricky part...


You need to take special action for preventing a MIDI FEEDBACK LOOP! The safest way is this: open the environment layer 'Clicks & Ports'. Create a new monitor object and cable the IAC port from 'physical inputs' into that monitor as a "dead-end".


BTW, midiStroke seems to be a useful little app, thanks for mentioning it.

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