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Sample Edit Window - Randomly appears blank (white).


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I think this is Juju as I was pouring scorn on Logic in another post now this has happened.....



When I try to open an audio file from either the audio window or arrange page the sample edit window appears blank (white) apart from the OS window edge. When i try to reopen the same file moments later it opens fine - try again and the same thing - blank, Its totally random.


Its happening on all the songs I have opened to test. I am quite organised with song / project files - have plenty of space left on the hard drive - it has never happened before.


My system is OSX 10.4.4 / Logic 7.1.1 / 250Gb HD / G5 DC 2.3ghz


Any ideas?




I am sorry logic - u are the best....

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I have to say honestly that I have never run into that problem myself, but it seems you are not alone:




What audio interface are you using? Does the problem appear if you use the "Built-in" driver? Did you try resetting your preferences? ~/Library/Preferences/Logic/com.apple.logic.pro

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I use a motu 896hd.... I haven't dabbled or had any change to the set up recently. The only thing that now springs to mind is that last night I switched the motu off whilst the computer was on sleep (never normaly do this) and that seemed to restart the computer which must of been it losing contact with the firewire device.


If i reset the preferences do I loose all my AU set ups?




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It seems to be a bug - wierd that i should run 7.1.1 for over a year without ever seeing it once then.... whiteout.


What’s New in this Version

Logic Pro 7.2.1 is a maintenance release that addresses isolated reliability and compatibility issues in the following areas:


-Blank Sample Editor window in some circumstances

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