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Arrange: Global Tracks order not remembered?


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I have been playing with some new templates and stuff, and have noticed that if I show several of the Global Tracks (say, Tempo, Markers, Time Sig and Chord), and if I place the Marker track at the bottom, when I save and re-open, the Global Tracks return to what seems to be a pre-configured order (Markers at top, then Chord, Sig and Tempo).


Is this a bug, or is it "just the way Logic Pro works"? Or is there a setting I ma missing maybe (hopefully???)?



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I love feeling stupid...and boy, do I feel VERY stupid!


Thx guys- that was it! lmao...


Totally makes sense, since the Global tracks are sorta a part of the Arrange window, while the non-global tracks are "fluid" and within it. I just did not step back and walk around the prism to see it properly....

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