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empty arrange window, missing regions from arrange window


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I've een using Logic Pro for about 7-8 months. Gradually getting used to it. Had a few successful sessions with no problems. Last session, lots of problems. This is one of them.


After recording a bunch of tracks, saving the song (as a project), I opened the arrange window and it is completely empty. No regions, no recordings. The audio files are all in the audio files folder and I can get them back in. No problem, just annoyance. BUT: if I have overdubs then they are also missing and are not synchronized when I get them back in (from the audio files folder). Major annoyance and a real problem in some cases. The Audio > Move Regions to Original Recording Position command does not work.




David Schade

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You could do some experiments: If the problem only happens in this song, it's song corruption, and you've got to use a backup or rebuild the song. If the problem happens in all your songs, it's most probably your preferences. Quit, then trash (or backup) Logic Pro > Preferences... > and relaunch.


You could also use WAV files, those contain a timestamp and Move to original record position should work.

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