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LP7 Turn Instruments off in Autoload


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Forgive me if you all already know this but I did not until recently.


I used to have my Autoload full of my favorite default audio instruments and presets and it took FOREVER to load all the samples.


So along came Channel Strips and it was no longer necessary to have all that.


But here is another solution. If you do indeed fill your Autoload with lots of A.I.s if in the Track Parameter box you turn the Instrument to "Off" it will not load anything until you reassign it to that instrument. Save as Template.


The beauty of it is that when you reassign it to that instrument it will remember your default preset.


Make sure that you remember i.e that Instrument 3 is i.e. EVP88, etc.

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I recently learned this one as well. I immediately started to name my tracks "[33] Solo Horn" for example. Then I know which instrument to set the track to.


Perfect for big orchestral setups. (My Autoload is now approx 50 tracks!) :D





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Sorry, but I think this is just another workaround. Not very elegant. Why would you have to remember which instrument track was assigned to which AI ? Doesn't make sense. It would be much better to be able to de-activate (meaning UNLOAD) unsused instruments and save that as a new song. Then, all AIs should be greyed out (same happens when you option click on the instrument in the channel strip, the only difference is that the instrument just won't play back anymore, although it is still being loaded - stupid in my opinion. What's the use of that?).


Then, when you re-activate the track (option click on instrument channel strip), it will simply re-load that instrument.


What do you think about that?





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Patrick, your ideas are good from a user point of view. I think from a developer's point of view, things look different. For example, plug-in bypass has to be an instant thing so you can easily automate it.


Obviously, it would be great if bypassing an instrument plug-in would trigger the behavior you describe, but that's just not the way it works because so far, the developers have only coded ONE way of bypassing a plug-in, a way that is instantaneous so you can automate it or bypass plug-ins live.


Hopefully in the future the developers will code several ways of bypassing plug-ins, depending on the type of plug-in.

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