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Logic Pro X - How to decrease "playback buffer"?


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Sorry for the noob question.


I make lots of audio edits on the timeline during playback - like moving a sample a few notches within a looped portion of arrangement.


The problem I have is that if I do anything to an audio snippet - Logic recognizes that only if the playhead is waaay before that audio snippet. If it's too close (like a half-bar) then Logic plays back the prior state of the sample.


Compared to other DAWs this feels sluggish. I know that in Reaper there is an option to change settings of the "Playback Buffer", which is exactly for that. I failed to find anything similar in Logic Pro X preferences. Please help!

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Can I make the playhead to return to Start on Stop at least? When not using Cycle loop, I mean


Do you mean stop playback and send the playhead to the beginning of the project? Is so, there's a key command for that "Stop and Go to Beginning".


You can also configure what happens when pressing play and stop (control-click the Play and Stop buttons in the Control Bar to see the available options).



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