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Logic pro running in slow motion


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Hi Everyone,


I've not long upgraded to 10.8.5 so not sure if this has anything to do with things..


I'm finishing off a few old projects in Logic Pro 9.1.8 Everything seems to be running in slow motion, for example opening any plug takes a while for me to be able to change any parameters. I try to adjust, press stop etc but nothing happens, Logic seems to think about it for a few seconds, then all the stuff you tried while 'frozen' does them all in one hit catching up.

When looking at analyser on an EQ for another example, its like watching it in slow motion.


I've tried buffer speed with no luck.


Any ideas?

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The old topic is locked, so can't reply.


I was also getting the same problem in Logic X, seems its the graphic card in the Mac pros. I found it was a simple fix, works in both Logic 9 and Logic x.

I'm running three screens, if any of the windows open where slightly overlapping onto multiple screens, everything went slow motion. Plugs, mixer etc.


All runs 100% fine now when keeping everything on its own screen :)

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