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Where are the Garageband instruments now?


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Just getting started with LX and I can't seem to find the Garageband Instruments anymore in the channel strip Instrument pop-up menu.


But if I use the Channel Strip pop-up menu (rather than the Instrument pop-up menu) I see all of my old L9 channel strips including those that use Garageband Instruments within the Legacy folder.

Once I load one of those channel strips the Instrument pop-up menu will show the Garageband Instrument that is being used in the Instrument but only that particular GB Instrument and none of the others I had available to me in L9.


So the GB Instruments are available to the app.

They're just not visible in the channel strip Instrument pop-up selector menu.


Am I missing something and this is just the way it's supposed to be?

Or is this a bug?

Do I need to re-install something?


Any tips/advice appreciated.

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