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SPdif input in Logic Pro X via Digi 003


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i use the last digi driver provided by avid

I used to do it with logic 9 and it worked with my old imac

I was using the input 17 18 to use it as spdif input

and now logic pro X shows me only input 1-2 till 9-10

digi is plugged threw adapter firewire- thunderbolt( only solution with new imac …)

i've tried all but nothing seems related to spdif in


the spdif output works perfectly threw 9-10 but not input


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My guess is you can use S/Pdif either through the RCA port or through the optical port, and there must be a setting that toggles the optical port between S/Pdif (2 channels) or ADAT (8 channels)? Somewhere in a Digi control panel for the Digi003?


Anyway if S/Pdif out is 9-10, chances are, S/Pdif in is 9-10. Make sure the word clock is set to S/Pdif in the Digi control panel?

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