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Sold Mac Pro and removed audio HD, can't read it! HELP!

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Hi guys,


I guess we've all been in this position at some point with our music technology, but today it is my turn to panic!


I have sold my Mac Pro (2010) and moved over to an iMac, now that they have great performance and internal SSD, etc.


Before selling the Mac Pro, I removed the internal HDs I was using for audio, instruments, backup, etc...


I have now installed the audio HD into an external USB3 enclosure, which I had assumed would mean I could access my audio work (pretty much all of it over the last 4 years) and move tracks over to the iMac or a new external HD as necessary.


Unfortunately when I switch the enclosure on, I get the message "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"... pretty much what I would expect if it were a new drive, but not what I was expecting given this drive was fine in my Mac Pro, and was obviously Mac formatted.


So I'm in a bit of a panic! I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can solve the issue - obviously without initialising the drive (which is the only option the warning message gives me!).


I do have a friend who has a Mac Pro, so I have the option of taking the drive over to him and pulling the audio off onto a standard external drive... but if there is another way to solve the problem I would be pretty happy!


Thanks in advance for any advice or info you can offer!




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