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LP9 Piano roll not always following selections

camillo jr

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This is a Logic 9 thing.....


I like to work with a separate full-screen piano roll window open behind the Arrange. I'll select a MIDI region then Command-Tilde to rotate the Piano Roll to the front to do my edits.


For some reason, the piano roll window doesn't always follow my region selections from the Arrange. It will stubbornly stay on a previous selection, rather than changing to the most recent selection. I'm not sure what causes this. At such times, I need to flip back to the arrange, select the actual track that the region is on, click on the background then select the one region I need. A real PITA when this scenario is often repeated.


But it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes the selections follow perfectly. The separate Piano Roll is yellow linked, BTW.


Any ideas on what causes the linkage to come undone? I just can't figure out what I'm doing such that it works sometimes but not others.

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