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Recording/Synthesizing Completely Original Drum Samples

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Hey guys, I produce EDM, specifically Dubstep and Progressive House and am having a hard time finding any good drum samples on the internet that are free, as I do not have any money to spend on better packs and I'm not about to just torrent them. Fortunately I am also a drummer, I have a 4-piece Sound Percussion drum set with some decent hardware and a few cymbals and access to a microphone and interface to record with, but I wouldn't know how to process them to get the sound I'm after.


I got to thinking one of my other options would be to learn how to synthesize my own samples out of something like NI Massive or some other third-party plugin, like I've heard the pro's always make their own samples, but I have no knowledge of sound design or where to even start with that.


Feedback would be much appreciated. :D

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