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LiveCut Component Plugin wont show in Logic X


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Hello guys,


There is an effect plugin i used alot in my projects in Logic 9 and in the past Renoise.

The plugin is called LiveCut (http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/livecut/).


Im really hopping you can help me figuring out the following problem;


LiveCut is a AU Effect plugin, the plugint wont show up in Logic X effect channel (Audio FX/Manufacturer/Plugin name)... Ive tried the following things;


[list=]Ive checked if the component file is located in the correct folder.

Ive cleared my component cache and let Logic rescan my files. It wont show up.

I downloaded JBridger en Bridged the VST to a Logic X readable 64 Bit. It wont show up.

Ive Downloaded the DDMF Metaplgun 64 Demo, when i select an VST it wont load in the Metaplugin64 (even this wont !*&$#*^ work.


The Plugin is Free to download and use so i really hope one of you is willing to find out a solution to run this plugin in Logic X.


Im looking forward to your reply's!

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