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How to snap audio to measure

DJ Vingo

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Inserting a screenshot: just upload it (.png or .jpg) as an attachment.


Is your kick MIDI, or audio?

If they are all of by the same amount, then moving the region (if they're all in one region) will do it, either with audio or MIDI. If the irregularity itself is irregular, you'll have to 'm one by one.


Before doing anything, check if you haven't (inadvertently) set a delay value for your region(s), or the track, in the Track - or Region Inspectors (on the left).


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Ah , you put a pic! Good. (It looks like) All your kick regions are behind the beat a little.


Steps: first set your Snap value to Beat or Division, and in the snap submenu select Snap regions to absolute value.

Then Alt-click the track header . This should select all regions on that track - alternatively, you can also lasso-select them. Then move them slightly to the left, so they'll snap into place.

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