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Love Beyond Live


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Hi all


Just joined the forum. Already getting great help with a couple of issues I am having LPX.


In the meantime. I am an experienced live engineer but a Logic newbie. I find I am doing more tracking which leads to mix down for live shows. Here is one I have just finished. This is a song from Love Beyond, a musical that I was the sound designer for.




I recorded this live in LPX as a Dante split from Yamaha RIO3224's feeding my Yamaha CL5 live board. This was then remixed in LPX at home. There are no overdubs. The band was a contemporary rhythm section plus orchestra of percussion, 4 strings, 4 horns, 2 wind and harp. At the end I have most of the 22 cast come on stage to bang it out.



Mark Payne

SFL Group

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