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Logic not saving properly?


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No idea why, but none of my Logic songs are saving correctly with my track/global track settings.


For example, my Autoload never has solo buttons enabled, yet I've tried countless times to save it with solo buttons enabled. Same for other tracks.

I've just started a film project, & having loaded the saved project the video timeline and video are not there! Nor are the solo buttons enabled, as they were when I saved the track.


Clicking on global track-video brings up the correct video, so Logic clearly remembers that I've loaded a movie, but why is it refusing to save settings for tracks & global tracks, and for an £800 piece of software why is it so bloody hard to find out!?


TIA :)

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Sorted it!


I could delete the original post, but I'll leave it in case anyone has the same problem.


Logic's screenset no.1 was locked, but I didn't realise how specific the screensets were. Turns out the screenset was overriding any changes that I made to the arrange window and tried to save.

Unlocked the screenset, made the necessary changes, and all sorted. Whoo!


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