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How do I get Motif XS8 and Logic to communicate?


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Hello. I am currently using Logic Pro 9 and interfacing with a Yamaha Motif XS8. I have been trying for hours, and multiple sessions now to get the two to communicate but to no avail. Logic seems to recognize the Motif when I click the record button, but I can't get it to control the keyboard nor am I able to do any step inputting (via the piano roll) from the Motif. I've tried a number of things. Here are some examples of what I've done as a setup.


1. Downloaded and installed the driver.

2. Connected the Motif driver to the USB Uno Midi Driver (box in Audio Midi Setup)

3. Tried adding the device in the Environment box

4. Tried assigning channels.

5. Did the setup in the Motif (Local Control off, Midi In/Out to USB), tried other settings.

6. Clicked the Midi In / Midi Out boxes on the piano roll (green and red boxes) and clicking record.

7. Tried various settings in the preferences boxes.


I'm completely at my wits end. My overall objective is to get the Motif to simply input notes into logic in order to speed up production. I would also like to get my composition already recorded on the Motif to input into Logic.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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can you complete your signature? Also, what Yamaha Driver or drivers have you installed? In order for the Motif XS8 to communicate via USB as David is requesting above as a troubleshooting measure, (and, which is the least disireable option, imho because it is a MIDI only connection), you need to download and install the latest Yamaha USB driver found here.


In order the utilize the firewire equipped mLAN audio interface the XS8 is equipped with, you need to download this Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver.

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