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Recording sounds from motif xs to logic


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I'm a bit frustrated as I tried to record sounds from my motif to logic 9. I know that in theory you should record midi notes first, edit them and then re record them as audio. I know I did this at some time in the past but today I almost got sick in my stomach with the frustration of not being able to accomplish this.


My equipment:

MacBook Pro 2010

M-Audio fast track pro

Logic 9

Motif xs7


Thanks for the help!!!

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In actuality, it is not at all necessary to record in MIDI first. It just depends on your playing level and ability. What OS are you using? There are still people, including myself, having issues with the Fast Track Pro and Mavericks. If your problem is on the audio end, that is where I suggest you look first...


By way of more explanation: Mavericks killed communication with the Fast Track Pro. There is a recent driver released by Avid, who has now taken over support for the Fast Track Pro, but certain Mac configurations have not reaped any benefit from the new driver.

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