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Region Inspector stuck focus


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There seems to be an intermittent bug in Logic X related to the Region Inspector focus.

Logic seems getting confused and the Region Inspector gets stuck on a given region after performing various editing in different tracks and other regions inspectors and editors.


The problem appears like the Region Inspector does not update anymore to display the last selected/highlighted region(s), after performing about a dozen of edits of various kinds in different tracks/regions/editors parameters.

The Region Inspector keeps showing the title of the same region regardless of the newly selected region(s), the parameters remain operable for that region declared in the title of the Region Inspector.


What is odd is that the Track Inspector keeps working (and updating) flawlessly, regardless of the Preference/General/Editing Select regions on track selection.


The only work around I found is to either close/reopen the project or quit Logic altogether...


Anyone bumped into that one yet?

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I have noticed that on four different projects (among about a dozen) so far... It is not systematic but once it arises, it does not go away from the project. Restricting the workflow to be linear and consequently not allowing intuitive approach that creativity would normally require.

I noticed that the fact to multiply the jumps from track to track to perform editions seemed to influence the occurence probability of that issue, which makes me believe it is a bug.

I will submit that one to Apple Logic Pro Feedback...

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