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Logic 9.1.8 Crashing, unable to install ProKit 7


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I've recently installed Logic 9 on my 2.2GHZ Macbook Pro, running 10.6.8. I had a version of Logic 8, but didn't use it for a while and lost the authorization code so finally got Logic 9 disc through my work.


I can't do anything with it, as it crashes as soon as I try to save, quit, close, etc. I read online that I should delete my current copy of ProKit and install ProKit 7. As instructed, I dumped the old version of ProKit to the trash and proceeded to install the newer version. When I tried to do that, I got a message that a newer version of the software was already installed and so I can't complete the install. So I emptied the trash. No goodnick. Now I've got no ProKit version at all and still can't install the other version. Nothing on my drive shows any signs of any ProKit versions installed whatsoever.


I've tried upgrading to Logic 9.1.8.




Any suggestions? I've got a mix to hand in before Xmas and I'm running out of time here...




MacBook Pro 2.2 GHZ



Logic Pro 9.1.8

Usually use RME Multiface, but haven't even gotten round to plugging it as I'm waiting to be able to get basics up and running, so right now its just the internal audio driver.

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