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Hard Drive/CPU Efficiency?


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Hey everyone! I'm curious about suggestions for set-ups that provide the most efficient CPU/HD usage with using Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X using a MacBook Pro. I've had issues with this before, and my solution was that I was using files that were on an external hard drive connected via USB. Once I dragged the said files to the desktop everything was back to normal. But this time seems to be a little different. I've also had issues with lag when loading samples/virtual instruments. But again, that was because I was trying to grab them via a USB connection.. Since then I moved everything from my external to my MacBooks HD, etc. I've tried many things to fix the issues. Also my MOTU takes up my MacBook Pro's FireWire slot. Anyone have a suggestion for a hub of some kind that would allow me to use more than one? Then I wouldn't be forced to use USB for my external as I have a firewire attachment for it.

I've tried importing just the files to a new template, I've looked at the projects that have come with Logic Pro 9 (The Killers - Spaceman, etc.) Worked with buffer size but can't seem to pin-point the issue. I'm curious to what's really driving my HD so hard? I feel like my MacBook shouldn't have any problems but maybe I'm wrong. Thankfully there's this forum, sorry for the ranting spree! Now I have the pleasure of reaching out to see what you guys have to say maybe to relate or point me in the right direction for smooth sailing! 8) (In a simple way please, or easy to follow instructions :oops: )


(P.S. Everything is currently on my MacBooks HD [750GB's] and I still have 450GB's free)


Error Message:


"Disk is too slow or System Overload.


The Sudden Motion Sensor may have parked the hard drive head, or the disk performance is not sufficient to read or write all audio tracks, or the system was not able to process all data in time."


My specs:


MacBook Pro - 15-inch, Mid 2012

Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Software OS X 10.9 (13A603)

Logic Pro 9 Version 9.1.8

Logic Pro X Version 10.0.4

MOTU896HD (Firewire)

Seagate External HD (1TB) (Capable of USB/Firewire)

N.I.'s Komplete 7 (+other small various plug-ins)


I've tried this list on the following: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3834

As well as backtracked through the troubleshooting and optimization chapter in David Nahmani's book.


[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.10.38 PM.png[/attachment]

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Called Apple with these being the results:


Look in to getting a FireWire external HD with 2 FireWire ports (Daisy chain the external and the MOTU from the single port)

Upgrade the HDD for a SSD (He said it would work best with type of external listed above)


He also mentioned getting a Thunderbolt Adapter (mini-display to dvi) PC External Display/monitor

laptop to hd - hd to audio device? As that would free up my graphics card?


Went to a genius appointment with this result:


Not much different than the previously stated, one of the guys who does "Podcasts" and claims to be a Logic user said it was a miracle that I'm able to use 16 tracks together.. I find that statement kind of hard to believe or am I wrong? They claim that a SSD would do the trick. Besides that, the free route they suggested would be to back-up my MacBook Pro and run a test on the HD to see if it's working properly. Also recommended trying a fresh start with a complete re-install, but did mention that eventually I'd most likely see the same problem again.. They did mention that the whole display thing didn't make much sense as it seems to be more the HD that's having the issues.


Now I have an appointment with "The Mac Store" to see what they think about the above.^


(Mind you these tracks are just pure .Wav/.Aiff's chopped up with no plug-ins.. D:)

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Did a complete restore of my MacBook Pro finding that the update to Mavericks may have corrupted or done something to my Mac's HDD. Talked with Apple and one of the gal's lead me through a "complete" swipe of everything that would cause any problems. So now i'm going through the motions of re-downloading software, etc. So I think if this becomes an issue again, it may rule out it being a software issue making my appointment tomorrow for "The Mac Store" a little easier when talking about other options for hard drives, etc.


Hopefully will get a response from somebody on here soon! I know it hasn't been very long, but you know how it is! Cheers guys! :P

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Nevermind, just upgraded from 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM and switched out the stock Macintosh HDD that was 5400 RPM's for a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. Problem solved. Just thought I'd make a post for the people having similar issues as no one seemed to reply to my posts! Cheers!
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I got it all under control, a lot of the agony was being on a slow HDD, and once that was switched over to an SSD with the bonus of going from 8 to 16GB's of RAM I'm back in business. Not to mention going from a FW800 to a USB 3.0 external. Thanks for replying though! My last post was for others to reference if in a similar situation. Also, goodbye "Sudden Motion Sensor Sydrome"! Whoopie! ^.^
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