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Just Upgraded to 7.2.1 - No output after freezing


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Hi All,


I'm in the middle of a project and I have just upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2.1. Now when i freeze the session i have been working there is no output when I hit play. Well, there is a small burst of sound when i hit play and when i hit stop, but when the scroll bar is moving and playing the song nothing sounds. I have tried using both a 002 and a M-Box and reinstalled PT7 to make sure the drivers are ok, repaired the disk permissions and tried loading other sessions - which play perfectly.


I am using Spectrasonics Atmosphere 1.2.1 in the session. After I installed the update logic started to hang when i froze the song and it got to a region where an instant of atmosphere started playing. Atmosphere seems to be functioning normally in other sessions though.


I am relatively new to Macs, have been using logic on pc for years, so it may be something obvious im missing. Any help would be much appreciated!





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Thanks for the reply! Tried removing the plug in completely from that one session and it still has the same problem.... very perculiar. No other sessions after the update have a problem with Atmosphere or any other plugins i have loaded it seems. And its only when I freeze, there is no output at all - the individual tracks are playing but they arent hitting the output 1/2 meters at all.


To remedy the problem I am using the old logic 7.1 startup file after I have installed 7.2.1 - it seems to be running fine, freezes properly etc - does anyone know if this could cause any problems? Could i safely reinstall 7.1 over the top of 7.2.1 and have everything return to normal?


Thanks again for your time.

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